UVC radiation can kill bacteria and viruses, but is not suitable for treating Covid-19. Intense exposure to the sun or artificial UV radiation will not help fight the existing disease.

The natural source of UVC radiation is the sun. It is completely filtered out by the Earth’s atmosphere, so it does not reach the Earth’s surface. Artificially generated UVC radiation with a sufficiently high dose is used for disinfection. The disinfecting effect of sunlight on Earth has not been proven.

Artificial UVC radiation can sterilize surfaces and aerosols, but not humans!

Artificially generated UVC radiation can be used to disinfect water, air and surfaces of objects. Elimination of the virus by such a method on or in the human body is not possible. This technology is primarily used in factories and laboratories, but similar disinfection devices are increasingly being offered for home use. 

Caution: UV radiation is harmful to humans!

Like UVA and UVB radiation, UVC radiation is harmful to humans. It has adverse effects on the eyes and skin and can damage genetic material, carcinogenic to humans. And even at lower intensities than would be needed for disinfection.

Avoid strong sunlight if you are ill. UV radiation can weaken the body’s immune system, making it easier for bacteria and viruses to work.

Under no circumstances should you look at germicidal UV lamps with direct radiation, stand under them or hold body parts under them. These devices are only used to disinfect objects, water or air.

UV-C disinfection if people are present?

Yes, it is possible. There are special devices with indirect irradiation for air disinfection in rooms where people are located. The UVC lamp is inside the device from which no toxic gas or harmful radiation escapes. With the help of a fan, contaminated air is sucked into the device, then it is exposed to UVC radiation inside, which kills up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. The sterilized air is then discharged back into the room.

We recommend an air sterilizer, a germicidal radiator with operation possible even in the presence of people, STERILLIGHT Air!